Here are a few of our most recent testimonials.

The beauty of Coaching In Action is that it gives you the time and space to think through specific issues and asks the direct questions that close family or friends may feel uncomfortable posing. I used the site to help address a particular issue in my family’s life and by the end of the program I had formulated an action plan and felt motivated in committing to it. I’m pleased to report that within a month we had found a solution to our problem and had made changes in our lives that were benefitting the whole family.

(Jane, 32 years old)

This coaching program enabled me to think through problems in my work life as a primary school teacher by setting thought provoking questions and making me think through things in a different way to normal. It made me rationalise these problems and consider which areas were a priority to address and which problems, when looked at in a calm manner, were less important than they may first have appeared.

(Angela, 34 years old)

I found the questions enlightening and they gave food for thought on adapting to life in retirement. I would recommend the website to anyone in a similar situation.

(Pat, 61 years old)